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Please take a moment to go over them.

5 years ago by mtnrg with 6 comments

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  • LacquerCritic

    Hi - when you say that the title of the comic is in the title versus the name of the webcomic in the intro, does that mean my snap here breaks the rules? Or is it okay as is - I put "Zen Pencils" in the title because I thought just putting the name of Frida Kahlo's poem might be confusing or make it appear like the link was in the wrong tribe, but I can edit it if need be.

    • mtnrg

      No your snap is fine. I should be clearer in the rules.

      • LacquerCritic

        Great, thank you! It's surprisingly easy to break a tribe's rules with the way Snapzu makes cross-posting so easy, so I was worried I made a big faux pas. Glad it was all good!

  • jmcs

    Just a small clarification, besides LacquerCritic's question. What's an acceptable title for a strip without an obvious title, for example, because it's only a part of a running story arc?

    • mtnrg

      A line from said comic i.e. this or you can make up your own that you feel sums up the comic i.e. this