Welcome! New Tribe for Visual Novels Created 1/26/17

Hi! Thanks for Checking Out My Tribe!! Let me introduce myself to you; I'm a 35 year old geeky gamer girl. My first visual novel was Tsukihime. My favorite visual novel is Ever17. The visual novel that I'm playing right now or most recently played is Kana Little Sister.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules below, which are also visible to the side from every page within the tribe.

Spoilers Must Be Marked by Using Snapzu Spoiler Code:

[Spoiler Text.](#spoiler)

Also NSFW discussions or images must be correctly labeled in the titles.

Games of any date, in any language, for any console, mobile, or PC device, from any country, with or without other gameplay elements besides the text are welcome as long as they fall under at least one of the following criteria:

Visual Novel: These games play like a choose your own adventure book. At different parts, the player is asked to make a choice, which will alter the story. Often these games have multiple endings, and to reach the "true end" you must play all of the other routes first.

Kinetic Novel: Like a visual novel except the player is not asked to make any choices and only presented a single linear story with a single route and single end

Dating Sim: May have some aspects of a visual novel, combined often with "Stats" that effect which guy/girl you end up with in the game, such as Tokimeki Memorial

"Stat Raising Sim": Similar gameplay to a Dating Sim, but less emphasis on romance, and instead generally focused on slice of life -- such as Princess Maker

Otome Game: Following at least 1 or more of the above criteria PLUS with the main protagonist as a female character


Examples of Games that Don't Belong Here:

RPG - even though it's text heavy and often has multiple endings, the gameplay elements are too different to be considered a Visual Novel. Exception, there are RPGs that are also visual novels, such as Aselia the Eternal, Kamidori Alchemist Meister, and Piece of Wonder. The gameplay in these examples is largely that of a visual novel, with some RPG combat.

Adventure Games (like the old Sierra Games) - once again, although text heavy, the gameplay is too different

Obviously other types of videogames: Shooters, Esports, MMO's, etc.


Grey Area - May or May not Belong Here:

Games where you "hear" or "watch" the story as opposed to "reading" it -- For Example, Telltale Games, School Days HQ, Life is Strange, D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die, etc. These will be decided on case by case basis.- These games often have "QTE" "Quick Time Events" where you may be asked to press a button, or series of buttons, but otherwise do not deviate from standard visual novel gameplay. The narrative is just simply presented by a voice actor as opposed to the player reading it. They may be linear with a single ending, or involve choice and consequence and multiple endings.

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