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Let's get this started. I was a fairly active member at /r/ECR but having since moved here I'd like to establish a new community here. I suppose there are two other tribes for Vaping here now, but I chose this one because personally I feel we should steer clear of the term ecig.

My name's Nate. I've been vaping for about a year and a half. My current setup is a VS DNA40 with a Samurai Bonsai RDA and TC builds are God's greatest gift to man.

3 years ago by Nate with 8 comments

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  • HollyGolightly

    Hi folks! I found this tribe because I searched for "vaping" and here you are. ;) I agree that we should steer clear of the term ecig - I much prefer vaping. I vaped for the first time a number of years ago on an actual ecigarette (old school technology - 510 atomizer and cartridges). It didn't do much for me, so it ended up in a drawer, and I finally tried again March of this year. My current setup is an MVP Pro with either a Subtank or a Nautilus Mini on it, and I don't miss smoking in the slightest!

  • Jello

    Hi all,

    Im coming over from ECR as well, I work at a B&M in the South Eastern United States. A lot of times when the mornings are slow I like to browse ECR and help answer a lot of the "beginner questions" because it was fairly easy and I remember being confused when I started.

    I agree, I like /t/vaping a lot better than that ugly name with the underscore in it. I hope that people can find us here, should we post something in ECR about it?

    Hope to get to know you all soon! Jello

  • tomflint

    hey folks. I'm 6745408 on reddit. I run /r/vapeheads over there, but I scooped this tribe yesterday. I'd love to build it up.

    Invite your friends!

  • Bazill

    Hey everyone. I also come from /r/ECR. I'm glad you created this community! I'm a little disappointed that there isn't already a very large presence here for vaping! I've been vaping for almost a year. Right now I'm vaping on a Lotus Jellyfish mod I paid far too much for and an atlantis. Lately I've been focusing on DIY juice. I think I've just about perfected a key lime pie recipe and now I'm trying out a red velvet cake recipe. Hope to see a buzz of activity here soon!

  • FistfulOfStars


    I'm actually a (fairly inactive) mod at ECR.

    Looking forward to this new community. Will be doing my part to help ensure it remains a helpful and welcoming place.

  • beanadult

    Hey y'all, just migrated from reddit like most others here, I'm starting out in vaping. I currently am into cigars and I have been meaning to get a small rig and try it out.

    • Bazill

      I've been meaning to get into cigars. My one step away from vaping is usually pipe tobacco. But if you ever need any advice on a starter set or any other questions I'll be more than happy to help you out!

  • Hedgehogjawn

    Few days late to the party, but I'm new to Snapzu, a Reddit Refugee. Also new to vaping. I've just got a little tank pen from the gas station, starting out, but hoping to move up to something more soon. I'm one of the somewhat controversial people, as I've found out from lurking various forums as a nonsmoker. To put any possible worries to rest, I stick to 0% nicotine. ;) its a bit of a social thing for me, it sucks sitting to the side and not getting to participate while my friends vape, and a bit of bettering myself. Hoping that some sugary sweet e-juice will keep me from picking up the sweets and having something to put in my mouth will help with nail biting. :)