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When/where did you first see Typhoon live?

3 years ago by laebshade with 1 comments

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  • laebshade

    I've seem them live three times.

    My first time was during a trip for an interview at Hostgator in Austin, TX. Near the tail end of SXSW 2011, I woke up to a missed call and voicemail from Delta explaining my flight had been rescheduled to later that day. With nothing to do, I took a taxi downtown and walked around. A young man standing on the corner was handing out flyers that said, 'free concert/open bar!' - I'm there.

    I walk into the venue, show my ID, receive a bag of freebies, then walk up to the bar where a sign hangs overhead, 'Sponsored by BitTorrent.' Cool. A small brass and string band is setting up on stage. They warm up and begin playing. It's magic! I can't believe how good they sound. I leave with a great feeling my trip was complete and head home later that day.

    The second time was in 2014 at a venue called Terminal West. Typhoon was on tour promoting their White Lighter album. I found a small balcony above and away from the stage, pulled up a chair from outside, and leaned against the balcony soaking it all in. This was their best concert yet.

    The third time was also 2014 with them opening for Group Love. Their set was short, but it was great to hear them live again. We left when they finished.

    I hope they come back to Atlanta next year.