Guide: How Weight Affects IVF Results

People start their IVF journey in the hope of building a family. Managing a healthy weight helps to make their dream into reality. Beyond physical appearance, weight significantly impacts the IVF success rate. The following are two points to illustrate the importance of healthy weight management for better IVF outcomes.

Hormonal Balance: Healthy weight contributes to proper hormonal balance, which enhances the success rate of IVF treatment. Hormonal fluctuations due to excess weight can hinder the chances of successful conception.

Improved Treatment Effectiveness: Research indicates that people with proper BMI often experience higher success rates in their IVF treatment.Sustaining a healthy weight improves psychological well-being during the process and also helps to improve IVF outcomes.

A gynaecologist with expertise is essential to optimising the benefits of IVF treatment. Visit Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital, the choicest IVF Centre in Kashmir, for consultation and a successful IVF journey.

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