What's your favorite game?

It's Wednesday, everyone! I just added a few rules to the sidebar (not very many, will flesh them out as we go), and I'll start posting some content now. I encourage anyone reading to post content as well! The more we've got going on, the more this will grow, and that's a good thing.

Now, back to the title. What is everyone's favorite game? What's the one game, no matter how often you play it, you end up going back to time and time again? The game you'll never get board of setting up and playing?

6 years ago by ottermatic with 1 comments

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  • ottermatic

    One of my personal favorites is Magic the Gathering. I've never gotten super into the game, and I spent probably less than $50 on it in the last few years. So I'm not exactly crazy about the game. But there's so few games where I have as much fun as I do with MTG. The rules are a little strict and complicated, but when I'm just playing with friends, it can be as flexible as we want it to be. I can play games of MTG with just one of my friends, or we can have a group of 8 people all working against a 9th. It can be a team game, it can be an "everyone for themselves" game. When there are teams, backstabbing and betrayal can be a real thing, and it's really interesting when it does happen.

    And also, one time I bought some cards off eBay, and they sent 56 of the same creature (Gruul Nodorog), so I made a deck with all 56 of them and when I started playing the deck as a joke, and then actually won a game, everyone was laughing so hard. It's a pretty fond memory of mine.