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New here? Säg hallå!

I came to Snapzu in the recent reddit emigration, and I searched for Swedish tribes, of course, as a part of reestablishing my routine. I came across /t/swedish, yet to my dismay, I saw that there is nothing here so far. Well, let's change that.

I'm a late twenties guy from Georgia (North America), and I am by no means fluent in Swedish nor culturally adept at all things Swedish, however I love the language, the films, the TV shows and the people I've met (online and in person). I'm a language fanatic, and I began my undergraduate studies with a double major in French and German, but finished with a B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science degree) in Psychology, and am looking forward to a graduate degree in Criminal Psychology/Psycholinguistics, hopefully at a Swedish university if I can arrange/afford it.

I'm a native English speaker, but I am fairly comfortable in French and German, and I can understand Spanish to a large degree (and Portuguese and Italian, since the French helps a lot). I can play around in Swedish, and to an extent Danish and Norwegian for that matter (I do love that Danish uvular r.. if only Swedish used it instead of an alveolar r). I can read cyrillic and speak very little Russian. I can read and recognized most of the Arabic abjad, though having the vowels marked is very helpful. In summation, I've played with a lot of languages, some just more than others.

Well, so much for introductions! Let's get this ball rolling. What can you tell us about you?

3 years ago by fapkin

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