To the people who have seen Sardonyx [POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT]

What did you guys think of the design. I think Sardonyx looks a bit more on the comical side. Knowing who the fusion is you would expect them to have a serious personality, but I feel like based on the expressions and the design that she is a comical fusion.

7 years ago by Williamap7 with 1 comments

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  • SuperFleek

    Yeah I have to admit, at least in that picture, I didn't really "get" the design choices. She looks a little like a preying mantis wearing a tuxedo... I have faith that when it's all put together with whatever her voice actress does and what her personality is it'll be cohesive, but right now I'm not really feeling it. I'm just really hoping that the design looks better in motion or at the very least fits well enough with everything else that I won't mind it.