I'm so glad someone made a /t/stevenuniverse !

Has anybody been watching the latest SU episodes? It's amazing how it keeps getting better and better. I used to watch Adventure Time but, I can't remember how it happened, I suddenly lost interest on AT and decided to binge-watch Over The Garden Wall, and after that I found the ever amazing Regular Show and I also watch Gravity Falls too but then something happened, ta-dah! I found Steven Universe. As an magical-girl anime lover, I knew that Steven Universe was paying tribute to those kind of shows with the crystal gems, and all of that jazz. I got hooked, and became a fan. I've been watching ever since. Kind of bummed out that this tribe isn't as active as I'd hoped it would be.

7 years ago by babymeta1 with 3 comments

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  • Quietrabbit

    I wish it was more active toolbar, I'm basically the person that keeps this sub from dying in terms of content flow :/

    • Williamap7

      Yea I took a huge drought from here BC I couldn't get on my phone and computer but now I'm back

  • Williamap7

    Welcome to the rribe. We are pretty active but not as many comments as there should he.