Observation I've made in regards to how to size a banner so that it doesn't get cut off on the sides when you upload it.

Hello all! I've been making banners for my profile and various tribes that I run. As you may have noticed, once you upload a banner, parts of the image are cut off on both sides of it. The only way to view the whole banner is to zoom out to 25% zoom. I decided to figure out how much of the image was cut off on either side. What I've found is that 225 pixels are cut off on each side. Meaning that you want the image to start at pixel 226 and end at pixel 1454. Which is kind of good news since that means the image only needs to be 1228x153, so the image won't be as distorted.I wouldn't recommend just leaving those edges white, though. Either put something that you don't if is seen or make it a color that matches the general background color of your image.

7 years ago by GeniusIComeAnon with 2 comments

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  • thinkerbell

    I'm so glad you found the actual pixel amount that is cut off from the sides. This should make it a lot easier for creators when making banners.

    • GeniusIComeAnon

      No problem! I wanted to figure it out so I could make better banners, and I thought it might help someone else if I shared what I found!