So... Iwata just died.


6 years ago by BSS with 2 comments

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  • DJVee

    I'm crying. I'm just watching old E3 videos and Directs and crying. I haven't lost it like this since Robin Williams. Mr. Iwata was such a large part of what made Nintendo so awesome, and I can't stress this enough. Look at his production history, it's filled with so many titles that he helped to make legendary, Smash Bros. included. He was asked to compress Gold and Silver into a cart-ready size and he managed to free up so much space they added Kanto. He was the main programmer for EarthBound.

    I'm sitting here just trying to process him being gone. I knew he had health issues, but I never thought they were so bad. It's an incredible loss not only to Nintendo, but to the gaming world altogether. I will miss him dearly, and his presence being gone will be hard to take in at first.

    Thank you, Mr. Iwata. Highs and lows, you were always true, always positive. Thank you for everything.

    • BSS

      Sigh That's one down of the trio. :(