Who would you like to see in the next Smash 4 DLC?

With the knowledge of Lucas, Roy and Ryu most likely being in development for Smash 4 DLC and the ballot for who players want to see next still active, who would you/did you put in a good word for?

I personally went with Krystal, from the Star Fox franchise. Due to her background, she would have the most potential to be a unique representative when the time is most right (see Star Fox U). Not only could she have more familiar space animal moves, but another entire potential moveset based around the use of her staff and psychic abilities. (It doesn't hurt that she is also first-party.)

My second choice would likely be Simon Belmont, from Castlevania. The original Castlevania trilogy is one of the cornerstones of the NES' library, more so than even Metal Gear. In those games, Simon had access to a virtual armory of weapons that could translate very well into a Smash moveset.

7 years ago by DJVee with 6 comments

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  • baron778

    Can I choose literally any fictional character?

    • DJVee

      I don't see why not! :)

      • baron778

        In that case, the old man from zelda. The one that gives link the sword.

        • canuck

          That would be epic

        • Ewok007

          "Old Man Grants His Wisdom"

          Attacks can include magic teleporting powers, fireballs, gifting swords that stab his enemy, shoddy Japanese translations, and his final smash could have him shooting 8bit fireballs out of lanterns at other players (who, in turn, would become 8bit sprites of themselves)

  • Ewok007

    I can understand all the reasons why not to put him in, considering he has only had one game and it isn't nintendo exclusive and he is not really an icon of any sort, but... Shovel Knight. (I know, how original). Although I do believe DK needs some more love. A new Zelda character would be cool as well.

    Also, Yes to Simon Belmont.