Hi everyone, now that Sowerthoughts reached 100+ members, I'd like to choose 2 moderators, for this sub.

So if you want to get the place, just put a little description of yourself and your experience on social communities (+ age).

The choice will remain mine, but I'll take in mind the number of upvotes for your description.

Good Luck :) !

7 years ago by kEYLOAGS with 2 comments

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  • MadMonk

    I would like to moderate /t/showerthoughts.

    I am a 25 year old combat veteran, who is currently studying medicine, with experience moderating forums of 20k+ members, and am currently an admin at theocarinanetwork.com

  • Druxe0

    I am a former moderator of /r/showerthoughts on reddit, and I had my own small subreddit back there. I always try my best to sound/be professional and have experience moderating several chatrooms, severs, and more. I'm good at CSS, advertising, and I am very happy and polite when it comes to social communications. I like to be able to participate in great experiences who loves to think intriguing thoughts, and a lot of times spends my showers overthinking theories. I hope you consider me as a moderator.