/t/Showerthoughts opening thread !

Hi everyone, my name is kEY, and I created this tribe minutes ago, in response to reddit recent events.

So, for those not familiar with this community, /t/showerthoughts is a free place for sharis meaningless thoughts about life and everything, like :

"Everyday, someone on Earth unknowingly does the biggest poo in the world for that day."

See ? No need to be classy or smart, just rephrase what you could ask yourself in this deeply intimate moment that is showertime..

**EDIT : **

At this moment, we reached 50 members, at 100 members I'll open a thread to select one or two moderators.

Don't hesitate sharing Snapzu and this Tribe with your friends, remember you probably got 3 invite codes ( check in your profile tab )

kEY :)

7 years ago by kEYLOAGS with 8 comments

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  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • Skye7221

    Glad to be here! I loves showerthoughts but with the current situation... yeah

  • ColonBowel

    A hot dog that is cold is still a hot dog.

    • kEYLOAGS

      Nice one, you should post it on the Tribe page :) !

  • Grassgrows

    Hello everyone. glad to be able to be one of the first around here.