The Universe is a four-dimensional prison, and you can never, ever leave its center.

The Universe expands in all directions at the speed of light. And since the Law of Relativity states that the speed of light is constant no matter your frame of reference, this means light escapes at the speed of light in all directions no matter your movement.

Hence, as long as you travel below the speed of light, you can never, EVER leave its precise center. You're caught in the middle of a 4D prison.

9 years ago by Triseult with 4 comments

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  • sduque942

    dude this is more of the level of metaphysic-high-showerthought, good one

    • Triseult

      This is totally what I think about in the shower. Maybe I'm just weird. :)

  • ColonBowel

    If you commit suicide, is that considered leaving?