Do you run-commute to work?

I am considering commuting to work by running. I think it might kill 2 birds with one stone: getting my morning run in and getting to work.

Do any of you run to work as a way of commuting? How do you like it? What sort of benefits do you get from it? What things do you need to be aware of?

7 years ago by Boop with 1 comments

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  • awol

    I run commuted for a while. The heat of summer and a stupid injury have put a stop to that for the moment. I rode my bike to and from work for years, so it wasn't much different for me. I suggest you check out this site. It has lots of good information includes the very useful guide which discusses things like how to carry gear (e.g., clothes) to and from work while running and how to show up at work without sticking (even if you don't have a shower at the office). I ran home several days a week (one-way). So it was just like going for a regular run, except that I wore a backpack (with chest and waist straps) to carry my clothes home. It's a great way to get a run into a busy schedule.