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Ok, so this needs to happen. SPOILERS THREAD SEASON 2

Wow, I mean wow. Especially that season 2 ending with Morty killing fart. My God.

Do you guys think Rick knows? I mean he knows a lot of shit I would be surprised if a fucking race of gas beings bent on destroying all carbon based life actually went under the radar of every Rick out there.

3 years ago by jessdabess with 4 comments

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  • snakepaws

    Part of me hopes that the leaked episodes are different from the official episodes that air later this month. Not in any big ways, but maybe the last few minutes are different, drastically changing the endings and story. Just to mess with the fans that couldn't wait. So when you go to watch episode 3, it doesn't pick up where the leaked episode 2 left off. Of course, that requires extra production and stuff, but just a random "shower thought" I had.

    As for Fart, I feel like Rick definitely knew. That's why he was messing with Morty, getting him all worked up, and then just leaned over and farted at him.

    But the Jerry daycare though, haha. The way they just nonchalantly swapped Jerries with the other Rick and Morty, like it was no biggie which one they took home.

    • jessdabess

      The jerry day care killed me. I loved the whole Beth mascot thing. The twist that he was always allowed to leave was great, especially on re watching because you see how they never forced him to do anything. They just kind of suggested stuff to him. It was gold!

    • beano

      The daycare was so good, and a good reminder of the fact that there are an infinite number of everybodies. When Jerry leaves, and the lady at the desk just says "Okay, that was always allowed!" So funny.

      I'm not so sure that Rick knew what Morty had done, though. It's not out of character for him to set up an awesome fart joke like that, haha.

  • TiffanyAching

    Ooh good question. Yeah I'd be surprised if he didn't know - although I was pleased he didn't swoop in at the last moment all I told you so and such.

    Like snakepaws the casual Jerry swap at the end was hilarious. Gahh I love this show.