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[DISC] The Cost of Pixel Art

As a GameDev that relies heavily on Pixel Art, I've always wondered what the most adequate prices are for Pixel Art.

I found this great Article (on a great site for anything Pixel Art related to be honest):

2D Will Never Die

It explains in Depth what they believe are fair prices for Pixel Art sprites.

I would love to hear from other Artists what they believe is a fair price for their art.

3 years ago by Kayzaks with 1 comments

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  • priok (edited 3 years ago)

    I know a few people on a forum that I visit who do some work for a guy who's making a game, and I think that they get paid pretty decently(something like $40-50 for a five framed sprite, I don't really know) The style they're doing it in is a bit basic compared to what they normally do, but it takes them a lot of time and definitely requires some skills.

    I haven't done any paid pixel work before, but the article seems like it has the right idea. I think that a lot of people who aren't too involved with pixel art don't realize how much time and effort goes into it. I remember when I was making a basic sprite for someone to be nice, and I ended up losing my work and had to start from the beginning. The guy I was helping basically said that it wasn't hard and wouldn't take much time to remake it, so I should make it again. I had already put a lot of time into it, and didn't really feel like making it all again since it wasn't very fun and the way he acted made it even less fun for me. I don't think he ever finished the project anyway. I remember he contacted some other people a few years before that to do something similar and it never took off.

    Nice article and website though. I'd like to make art for a game sometime, but I feel like I need to really have a connection to the project to enjoy doing it