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[Discussion][Story] Today I played a new game system that was amazing.

Today I played a game called the Singularity created by a guy here in Cape Town, South Africa. It wasn't like any mechanic I had experienced before. The premise is that the universe has become unstable and worm wholes are opening up all the time sucking up people and spitting them out in alternative realities.

It is an extremely rules light game that is designed to allow for a lot of fun and laughter at the rediculous situaoyou find yourself. Today I found myself, a barbarian prince fighting along side a half monkey half man test subject, a group of gnomes in a trench coat acting as one human, a mathematician, a skeptic, a teddy bear and others. Because you get sucked between alternative realities, there were 4 tables, each with their own gm, each with 6 players and each set in a completely different world. When the bell is rung, a dice is rolled to decide who randomly swaps to one of the other tables. The complete madness and hilarity of it all was amazing.

3 years ago by Wenjarich with 2 comments

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  • RoastedRareByte

    That sounds incredible! Any idea where I can find it?

    • Wenjarich

      I tried googling it and couldn't find it. I am however able to contact the guy who made it as he was one of the dms in the game I played :P and so I'll try asking about if there's a means to buy the rules as although I know how the player side rules works, I have no idea how the dm side rules work. Also I'd like to support a local guy who made such an awesome system. :)