Brethren! I found you!

In the darkest hours of Reddit I've found my shelter, my brothers!

It feels like home once again.

7 years ago by BunyaminBUTTON with 15 comments

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  • Giacomo (edited 7 years ago)

    Yey, brothers unite! I have missed the PC Master Race. Hope this is going to be our new home, I quite like it.

  • jasona99

    HI! People are actually here! I do like this place. I hope others come over time.

    • FapFlop

      This migration looks like it's actually happening.

      I wish these guys had an app.

      • RypeDub420

        I wish they did too! I was just thinking about checking that too :'(

  • C0okies

    We're glad you have found this glorious place. Praise the glorious PCMasterrace!

  • MorningSaint (edited 7 years ago)

    Ah yes, I too have found my way here. Let us unite and stand tall for the PC Masterrace!

  • kabamman

    We are together again, let us rejoice!

  • sixstorm

    Praise Gaben! Good to see you all brothers and sisters.

  • dgam

    Brothers! It seems my ship has landed here. I look forward to our adventure together.

  • jonthecyclist

    So glad to join you all over here! Sincerely, console peasant turning PCMR.

  • jtansley

    I'm really liking Snapzu. I hope the PCMR community stays active here.