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Ever More Megapixels

Ever More Megapixels?

Accepting that camera equipment manufacturers have to keep innovating [moving the goal posts] and continue to encourage photographers to 'keep-up' with their latest offering - as this seems to be the natural order of making a profit and staying in business - however, many people cannot countenance the computer 'real-estate' bump required in terms of cost/security/storage of ever more 'megapixel' FX/DX cameras!

It's not only the initial purchasing of equipment, in order to capture the light, there's the computing grunt required to effect it. Indeed some classes of customer are effectively forgotten[ignored] by the big firms; especially if one uses, say, open-source operating systems[e.g. GNU/Linux] and post processing tools[e.g. UFRaw/GIMP] as opposed to proprietary systems/tools.

Maybe[read definitely here then] the progress to e.g. 100+MP sensors is kinda inevitable; one may though in fact simply need keep going with what one has until it won't deliver the desired results or the photographer isn't able any longer, whichever comes first, and absolutely then it's - pretty much - a complete upgrade of everything or perhaps consider giving up altogether!

The gear we have now is amazing - I can't knock that - I love it; simply I feel a different emphasis may be worth a discussion at the higher photographic industry level.

1 year ago by itdm5j21

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