Welcome new members! Make sure to follow the title format! PLUS New Rule


It is not required, but makes things run a lot smoother. It will also be what makes you eligible for tribe of the week when I implement it, but more on that later.


You are required to have the name of the tribe in the title. Titles like "/t/cooking - a place for cooking" and "Come to my cooking tribe" are fine, but something like "Do you like cooking?" does not specify that it is a cooking tribe you are talking about. This rule has been added because these posts show up in your feed, and something that is not titled like that may be confused for something else.

8 years ago by picklefingers with 1 comments

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  • YourTaxGuy

    As a suggestion for the "new rule", could you make it a requirement to put the tribe in both the title and at least once in the text? Because in the title, the tribe name is not clickable. And it's soooooo muuuuuuuuch wooooooork for us lazy people to retype the address again. So this little change in the rule might bring much more exposure to new tribes.