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/t/highstrangeness a tribe for the paranormal, UFOs and all things strange

Made high strangeness as a place to share and discuss anything strange or out of the ordinary. A wide range of topics are welcome such as the paranormal, UFOs, conspiracy, stories, legends, weird/strange news and just about anything out of the ordinary.

Come join in if you hold any interest in the highly strange.


1 year ago by ulatek with 6 comments

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  • AdelleChattre

    Link for the lazy seeker: /t/highstrangeness.

    • ulatek

      Oops,Thank you!

      • AdelleChattre

        No, thank you! Are we going to be seeing some of your work there, maybe reaching back into the mists of yesteryear? Remember, we were fans first, before you psychically sensed our presence and manifested yourself among us!

        • ulatek

          Lol, without a doubt ..occasionally anyway. Mostly though I will be sharing strange and interesting things I stumble across In my research...and hopefully start some discussion.

          Yesteryear is more than misty...foggy and hazy even. I am dedicating myself to snapzu and leaving the wonky alternative behind to fend for itself in the fog.

          Hopefully my dematerialization will mark the manifestation of some mostly unseen material of a stranger sort here at snapzu .

          I write when I can but self promotion is not my intention, I see a ripe opportunity to try and form a community with a fresh approach to subjects of high strangeness here.

          I hope anyone with this special brand of curiosity will join in and help make it happen.

          • AdelleChattre

            Some small, early effort along those lines has been made at /t/Anomalies. What do you think of it?

            • ulatek

              Very nice, I will be going through these for a while. I will be sure to add to it