/t/metagames! Create games to play with your fellow Snapzites!

Inspired by the conditional superpowers thread on /t/asksnapzu, I wanted to make more posts spiritually similar to it. Unfortunately, putting these posts into question form can be restricting, and playing those meta games on /t/asksnapzu would be unfair to the tribe itself.

So come and join us over at /t/metagames. I hope we can garner a community large enough to sustain the games we create!

5 years ago by leetmoaf with 5 comments

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  • Wenjarich

    I hear the term is now Snappers :P

    Cool tribe, left a game there, lets see if anyone plays :)

    • leetmoaf

      Aw, man! I was #teamsnapzite all the way. Thank you so much for being the first poster (who was not me) in the tribe!

      • Wenjarich

        No problem, it's a cool tribe. :) Hopefully more people will start games and join in on them when they are created.

  • PrismDragon (edited 5 years ago)

    Fascinating. I'll definitely take a look here. After all, most of these are fun.

  • Qukatt

    oooh i love meta games! I'll see you there