/t/garyjohnson has been set up for a sane alternative to Trump and Hillary.

Come join and contribute to future discussion about the 2016 Libertarian party's presidential nominee, Gary Johnson.

If you feel left out with the two primary choices, Trump and Hillary, please consider Gary Johnson. If you subscribe to free market practices, are against foreign intervention, and/or strongly believe in social freedom and liberty such as gay marriage, ending the drug war, and the rights guaranteed in the constitution, Johnson may be the candidate to save you from the rock and a hard place that is the two party system.

Hope to see you in /t/garyjohnson!

7 years ago by cheezoncrack with 2 comments

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  • lej1337

    He's not really a libertarian. Consider the system to be beyond broken that it cannot be fixed.

  • RoamingGnome

    Sane? "Let's give corporations unlimited power to do whatever they want and they will do the right thing." Sane? "Let's eliminate OSHA and the EPA because corporations will do the right thing, and those that don't will be pushed out of the marketplace." Sane? "Let's end welfare because the people of this country are so generous that they will make sure everybody has a place to sleep and food in their belly." Sane? I'm sure Johnson is a really nice guy and I'd love to sit down with him, smoke a joint and explain why "Libertarianism" is absolutely insane.