Introducing /t/explorers! A place to share pictures of interesting places, things, and people you find while you're out and about.

I wanted to create a tribe specifically to post neat and interesting things you come across while exploring. Snap your adventures! It can be anything from an abandoned building to something funny you see while out shopping. I hope this tribe can encourage people to go on an adventure, or just to appreciate and document the cool aspects of their surroundings more. If this tribe sounds neat to you, post something! If it sounds neat, but you don't have anything to post, go outside! Also, pictures are best.

The tribe rules are pretty relaxed. The main and most important rule is post your OWN content. It's not a place for submitting images of places you think are cool, but have never been. It's for YOUR adventures only.

If anyone is interested in helping moderate this tribe, please contact me because I will need help. I'm in school right now and don't have as much free time as I would like...

8 years ago by CrazyDiamond

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