I'll start off...

I've been experiencing the feeling of isolation followed by depression for quite some time and would be more than open to chatting with someone. I've always been bad at making friends. I used to have more internet friends from gaming, but it seems like I've drifted off from them as time has gone on. I would really like to have those types of connections again! We can start via PM and escalate to a more suitable chatting system over time if anyone is interested. :)

6 years ago by Xeno with 4 comments

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  • Qukatt

    What sort of gaming are you into? What did you used to play that you made the friends in last time? :)

    • Xeno

      I almost exclusively console game at this point (Playstation) but once upon a time I played a lot of Guild Wars, which is where I made a lot of friends. What about you?

      • Qukatt

        I am currently pc gaming, I play ff14 which has a huge ps3 & 4 playerbase mixed in with the pc players. I like my pc cause its cheap to game what with steam sales and humble bundles.

        I used to play city of heroes when it came out in 2003 or 2004 (ages ago) and I picked up guild wars when that came out because it was free to play and I was a poor student xD I played it when I couldn't log into city or just didn't feel like it. The dervish expansion was awesome I had them all but the dervish was what I played most of after my necro. I found it hard to make friends in GW with the way it was set up I never really saw the same people twice.

        Used to be right into consoles bur the ps4 and xbone just haven't appealed. Though thinking xbone for Xmas so we can get into Lego dimensions. They promise the backwards compatibility too which is a selling point for me.

        I would say I have way more mmo friends I'm still talking to than any other type of friend, I guess that is weird? Lots of them are so different to me in real life I would never have talked to them under other circumstances which is why I love gaming socially.

        • Xeno

          Very cool. I liked Dervishes too, they were pretty badass. Definitely one of my favorites to play on looks alone. I wanted to get into City of Heroes, but monthly fees were always a turn off to me... which is why I stuck to Guild Wars. Nowadays, I'd be more willing to pay a monthly fee but Guild Wars was addicting as hell and I don't want to start up something like that again lol.

          MMOs are a really weird thing for making friends, I know exactly what you're talking about. There's still one person I talk to semi-frequently and he is very different from me like you described. I tried to play Guild Wars 2 a few years ago for the same interaction (and because I had been waiting for that game for forever) and it just wasn't the same. I never played any other MMORPGs and wondered if the same social effect takes place.