Loved the older games (MGS 1-3), Is MGS V for me?

So I've played through and beaten MGS 1 - 4. I'm a big fan of the weird and unique gameplay that the first three games had. I didn't mind MGS 4 much (and the story made it worth it), but the 2 new games look like average 3rd Person Shooters to me. To be fair, I've only played through about 20 minutes of Ground Zeros and haven't played through the PSP games. Is the story that these games tell worth the time? How do you feel about the gameplay changes?

9 years ago by RenegadeMizu with 3 comments

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  • StickyKees

    To me, it feels like the gameplay changes will do nothing but make the game more accessible. MGS has been known for complex controls that can be satisfying to those tho enjoy the vast number of actions one can take, or frustrating to people who don't like to hold multiple buttons to complete a task. (Ever tried shooting in first person from a peek position on the floor in MGS2? You don't have that many fingers!)

    The story itself will likely be told more in cutscenes and less in codec calls like before, similar to what was done in peacewalker. In Ground Zeroes, the cutscenes are integrated in the game world seamlessly, so it feels a lot more immersive. I will miss the old codec screen, but I have a feeling that since this is an open world game, it might be harder to incorporate long pauses for dialogue in codec, especially in the new MGO.

    The only PSP game that is worth a mention in regard to affecting the plot is Peacewalker, but they give you a synopsis in the beginning of Ground Zeroes. You're not missing much by not playing it instead.

    Despite all this. I feel like I could play this game for hours, even without doing the main story. It looks extremely fun on its own, and it might be one of the only online multiplayer games I play on the regular.

    I definitely suggest playing the rest of Ground Zeroes, at least for the main mission. You get a lot of good plot.

    • RenegadeMizu

      The accessibility part is definitely true. It's not like I dislike 3rd person shooters or anything, it's just that it wasn't what originally got me hooked into the series. Times have changed though, and I guess a game with gameplay like MGS2/3 wouldn't do so well anymore. I guess I'll be giving Ground Zeros another try. Good to know that I won't need to play Peacewalker! Thanks for all the info!

    • Spooky

      Definitely agree on the accessibility point. I'm a huge MGS fan and it frustrates me that my friend won't get into the series because he hates the stationary camera and controls.