[Adapted from asksnapzu] Lets play "Never have I ever!"

A similar game was posted in asksnapzu but the rules were different.

The idea is you state something tou haven't done then if someone has done that they post a paragraph telling us about it.

Example: Post: Never have I ever, walked on coals bare foot.

Response: Once when I was visiting Asia, there was this performer who was walking on coals. I was pretty drunk at the time and want to show its not that hard, so before the guy could stop me I was walking across it. Needless to say, I had lots of blisters the next day.

That wasn't a real story, it was just to demonstrate :P

Let's also try keep it clean but interesting. These things always seem to slide towards sexual things but let's try keep it sfw :)

6 years ago by Wenjarich with 1 comments

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  • Wenjarich

    I'll start,

    Never have I ever, flown in a military aircraft.