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Hi! I'm /u/ludicruzness and am a huge fan of the mariners baseball team. I recently emigrated to snapzu from reddit, where I was a semi-frequent poster. Anyways, I just wanted to welcome you all to the sub, and hopefully we can cheer on the team together! Thank you and have a great time!

5 years ago by ludicruzness with 1 comments

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  • susandennis

    Count me in. I've loved baseball since forever and I'm old. I moved to Seattle (across Occidental from the Kingdome) 25 years ago and signed up for the mostly so depressed life of a Mariner fan. Although I live down the street from Safeco Field, I rarely go to the games. I much prefer watching them on TV or listening to them on radio because I enjoy the commentary. I'm ready for a better second half. Please.