Welcome, One and All!

This tribe has just gotten started, and I'm always open to ideas that will help us branch out and grow as a community. If you've got ideas for weekly events or things of that nature, let me know and we can work something out.

8 years ago by radixius with 3 comments

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  • CuppaMatt

    Well howdy there!

    What's the general idea for this tribe then? kind of a "Let's Play" hub?

    • radixius

      Exactly that! I'm hoping this place will be beneficial to not only content producers, but also to the people that watch these channels, by providing feedback and critique and making the end product better for everyone.

      • CuppaMatt

        Sounds good to me!

        I replied to you in /t/newtribes too but I'll try and pop some content up here later tonight