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Not sure if I should start a new tribe

Just came here from reddit, and I'm very impressed! snapzu does have a beautiful interface, but what impresses me much more is the very friendly atmosphere!

So: Hello everyone waves

My current favourite past-time (running) already has a tribe. My 2nd hobby doesn't, though -- there's no /t/arduino. The FAQ says "Please only create a tribe if you are serious about running it and have the time to take care of it". So if I decide to create /t/arduino: How much time does a Tribe Chief of a smaller tribe invest? Can I maintain it by checking twice a day on weekdays?

3 years ago by douglas77 with 4 comments

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  • picklefingers

    Right now, the time commitment is very minimal. Just check up on the tribe once a day or two and that's all. Of course, as it gets active, you will be expected to moderate it like you would any other community, which is why you can build a mod team.

  • Tawsix

    Because the community is so small in general at the moment, that shouldn't be too much of an issue, but in the future it might require more as more people join the site. I would recommend feeling everything out a little bit before jumping right into creating a tribe, but right now I doubt there is much harm in going ahead and doing it. You can also add mods to help with taking care of a tribe as well in the event that your tribe grows really quickly, and you can always hand off the tribe to someone else if it becomes too time consuming for you.

  • fryto

    I know five hundred thousand people who are into "open-source electronic prototyping platform allowing to create interactive electronic objects", so I'd say you've got work cut out for you.

    But seriously, this looks pretty cool, I kinda want to check it out myself! If you think it's worth your time to herd a bunch of people interested in this cool stuff maybe you should do it.

    • douglas77

      Thanks! Already decided that I will simply go for it ;)


      (waiting with an announcement until I've actually some useful links in there)