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Hi everyone! I'm another reddit refugee, trying to find a website with a better/less immature community, and Snapzu seems like a pretty good fit. I like to hear about and read world news, but on reddit, I'd often get news accompanied with lots of sourness and all around dickery. So far, it seems like the people on Snapzu are much more chill than redditors. :) I look forward to spending a long time with you guys!

5 years ago by LifeAfterEggs with 6 comments

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  • IridescentOak (edited 5 years ago)

    Hi and welcome! Snapzu's a really great place to get news of all kinds if you follow the tribes that interest you. Everyone's pretty cool here, too; there's a really noticeable difference between the reddit community and the one here, I'm sure you'll happily discover. Snapzu looks forward to spending a long time with you, as well! :)

  • Boudicca

    Hey LifeAfterEggs, welcome to Snapzu :) Minimal dickery to be found here.

  • jcscher

    Hello and welcome to snapzu!