Hello, from a new user!

Read through the introduction message and it linked me here. So...here it is.

Seems like small communities (or none in some cases). I'm from Reddit, a user for two years, and I tried out Voat, but that didn't last long. I'm hoping to find something more unique here. Question: how hard is it to get discussions in smaller tribes? For instance, the ones I would use most often (/t/AssassinsCreed, /t/Destiny and/or /t/DestinyTheGame) are tiny with little activity, and others are nonexistant (such as a tribe for Tom Clancy's The Division).

How can I help this place grow? What is the pitch? I like seeing places grow, but I want to convince my friends there is a reason to use this over Reddit. Any other help/tips/advice is welcome!

5 years ago by JBar13 with 2 comments

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  • cailihphiliac

    So far, the benefit seems to be that people are quite polite here. And more careful with their downvotes. I came from reddit too, and it took a little while to get used to.

    If you want discussions in the smaller tribes, you might have to start them yourself. Fellow tribe members will see your post on their home pages (the house looking thing in the top right of the screen), and will join in if they feel like it.