snapzu is kind of like a mashup ...

It seems to me that Snapzu is kind of like a mashup of reddit, twitter, pinterest and dare I say it, a little bit of facebook thrown in. Graphically it is very pretty.

Oh and it seems to have a bunch of things I haven't worked out at all, like list posts.

5 years ago by kxh with 5 comments

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  • skeeva

    And RPG's!

    But yeah, it's evolution. Take what you think are the best attributes of other sites and make the uber one.

  • Boudicca

    I would have to say I am really enjoying the creativity, good vibe, and visual aesthetic of this site. Thanks to all the people who must have put a ton of work into it.

  • Fooferhill

    I'm just happy there's not hashtags and handles and not to many acronyms. I like reading sentences with actual words.

    • PensiveApe

      Agreed. I like how one of the rules in the PM sent to new members says to delete hashtags and site names from headlines.