Hi! Just introducing myself

Hello everyone! I'm Arceuc. I'm glad that I was able to join Snapzu. I personally did not come from reddit, but my friend showed me the site while he was looking for reddit alternatives. Anyway, I'm from St. Paul, MN. I've only been here for about 4 years, but it's enjoyable. I work as a stage director, as well as a freelance video editor, and while it can be annoying at times doing both, I've found myself having fun with it.

Thanks for stopping by the post. I hope I can get to know you all at some point!

7 years ago by arceuc with 6 comments

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  • jcscher

    Hello and welcome to snapzu!

  • TheGuyThatsMeh

    Welcome to site! Glad to have you here.

    • arceuc

      Thanks! Glad to be here.

  • massani

    Welcome! Video editing sounds like a really awesome profession. Kinda jealous lol.

    • arceuc

      It is, but it gets annoying when a person asks you to do something that isn't possible with software and technology available at the time.