Hello new best friends

I'm a reddit expate, like I'm sure many of you are. I'm kind of an info-junkie and I love science and technology stuff. I also like to write fiction, poetry and music. Sometimes I perform improv, I love to watch standup. Conspiracy theories are kind of a guilty pleasure.

I'm kind of an anarcho-libertarian and I'm developing an obsession for darknet stuff. Also I'm trying to teach myself python, which started as an obsession with google's deep-neural network software. (I'm in way over my head.)

Also, I used to use drugs and I mostly don't anymore, but I still like to read about them.

Well, that's too much information.

So you guys like wanna hang out or something?

8 years ago by quovadisvader with 5 comments

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  • DiamondDragon

    Hey! Looks like we share some of the same interests. What kind of fiction have you written? Anything online? I'm always looking for unique stand-up acts to check out. Learning Python has been on my to-do list for a while, what other programming languages do you know and have you found it more difficult or easy than others to learn the syntax?

    • tefids

      As someone with experience in numerous languages it is a good starting language due to its emphasis on explicitness, some of the best documentation out there, a "batteries included" standard library, and forcing you to write semi-well formatted code. BTW you guys should check out /t/python and /t/learnpython.

  • Nerdeiro

    Yes, but have you found already where Vader is going ?