Hello to everyone!

Hi, I'm nestamon and I am also another reddit user transitioning over. Thanks for having a great community in place already and I am really hoping that even as Snapzu grows, that it keeps this positive vibe going.

I am a chef who is currently teaching the culinary arts to the next generation of chefs. I really love food. Like a lot. If you have any food questions or need advice, I'm always willing to help. I also love being a Dad. My two kids are the most important thing in my live. I also love to game, both video games and RPG tabletop stuff. I read a lot, especially books about food or food culture. Also a lot of fantasy stuff, noir, and crime novels.

Looking forward to meeting people here and engaging in awesome conversations!

5 years ago by nestamon with 4 comments

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  • schrodingersman

    hey nestamon welcome to snapzu. There are a decent amount of cooking tribes out there. As a chef do you get to to bake at all? If so we would love any advice you can give over at /t/baking. If not be sure to check out /t/cooking, /t/recipes, or any of the other cooking related tribes out there.

    • nestamon

      I do basic baking pretty well, but it is certainly my weakest area of expertise. I'll check out the other tribes. Any chef or restaurant related tribes around? Something like the /kitchenconfidential sub over on Reddit?