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Can you view your comment history?

Coming from Reddit, I'm used to being able to browse a chronological list of my comments. I'm looking around and can't seem to find that option here on Snapzu.

Am I just dense, or is this option not available?

4 years ago by FistfulOfStars with 8 comments

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  • LacquerCritic

    It's absolutely available, it just takes a few extra steps to find it compared to looking at your reddit comments. On the top right of your screen you can click the house icon which takes you to your activity feed. Then you have to click "Show Filters" on the right and you'll see some daily activity level bars show up. Below that you can choose to filter "Me" and select comments only. See this screenshot here.

    • trails (edited 4 years ago)

      Thank you! I had figured out the XP History/Rep Log, but those filters around the daily activity level bars had eluded me. After creating a filter for "Me," I noticed that the query string in the URL had changed depending on the filters at play. Does anyone know if this string is static? I'm going to bookmark it and try it again tomorrow, but just wanted to see if anyone else had done so successfully. I'm incredibly lazy, so one click versus a string of steps is always welcome!

      • LacquerCritic

        Glad to help! I have no idea if those strings are static, but if you find bookmarking is successful, please report back! I am also incredibly lazy, as should be obvious from the fact that I'm going to wait for your results rather than test it out myself.

        • trails

          No dice, unfortunately. After some amount of time, the bookmarked query string went back to the filterless Activity Feed when I visited it. Just to be sure, I did it twice with two distinct bookmarks that were captured post-filtering. That said, my laziness knows no bounds and I'll be trying to figure out rhyme and reason to the strings once I get a little time. If anything comes up, I'll post here!

    • FistfulOfStars

      Thank you very much for the instructions.

      I guess it makes sense that it's a bit more difficult to find... This just reinforces the idea that the reputation rating is less something for me to concentrate on than it is an indicator to be used by the community as a whole.

      That's a habit I already knew I wanted to get out of, even before I came here. Ego vs id I suppose.

  • skully

    Click on your user icon, then click on either your XP number or the XP progress bar. That page will let you see your comments, and if you switch from "XP History" to "Reputation History" you can get an idea about how people are voting on you.

    It was a little weird for me to have to drill into individual comments to see how it was voted on, but it reminds me that individual upvotes don't matter. Just write good positive comments and the reputation will follow. :)

    • FistfulOfStars

      Excellent point... 'Upvote watching' is a bad habit I've been wanting to stop for a long time TBH. This kind of reinforces that.

  • tehdiplomat

    It's visible on your experience history, click on the profile button (the one right next to the Green submit button on the header). Then click where it says "Total XP"