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Is there any place where I can file some suggestions?

I've got a few suggestions for Snapzu, and I was wondering where it would go. Here are two that I think are a must: 1. Comments should show their upvote/downvote score without having to move your cursor on it. 2. The font for the site need to be more darker and bolder. I always like Reddit's font because it was very easy to read and was very "neutral". The font used on this site looks a bit too "modern" and this focus on design takes away from clarity and visibility.

3 years ago by kvn with 6 comments

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  • Moderator (edited 3 years ago)


    Go crazy.

    Edit: Personally, I like the hover feature as it takes focus away from the vote score. But most people are obviously used to the way reddit does things.

    • utesred

      I also am really surprised by how much I like having to hover to see the vote score. It allows me a chance, even if it's just for a moment, to make my own judgement on the comment without having an immediate bias.

      • Moderator

        Yes, vote scores have a much bigger impact on our perception than we really realize. They're very conducive to things like 'circlejerks' and the 'hivemind'.

  • LacquerCritic

    I think it's fine for you to share suggestions (links already provided) but I'll pipe in and say that I like it that scores are not shown until you hover over them. It's subtle, but to me this method of displaying votes puts more of a focus on the content of the discussions rather than who's getting the most 'points' for what they said.

    I wouldn't mind an option to view the site's text at a bigger size or darker, perhaps in the user settings. My eyes get strained after a while! (Or I need to upgrade my glasses prescriptions.)

  • jarekb84

    I'll second your idea for a darker/bolder font. Current one is a bit harder to read on a white background since it's so thin/narrow. Bumping the font-weight of paragraph text to 400 is a big improvement.