Hi! I love it here!! Long time Redditor and Voat beta user... But THIS is where I want to make my home base.

So far I'm getting a great vibe here... The XP is a brilliant idea! The site is super polished (blows Voat out of the water)... The talented devs are exciting me, giving me shudders of joy... So original and fun. Thanks for an awesome discovery and a new place to call home base!

6 years ago by Invaderzim with 21 comments

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  • thelastCastoff

    Loads of us are right there with you.

    If this site had as much content as Voat, I'd be here 100%. Im tying my best to post where I can!

    • Zorgon

      The content will come if we all work hard to get it here! But I like the pace it's at right now - I don't really miss anything too big

  • aj0690

    Welcome bud! I had a very similar feeling when I first joined. It's good to see you're enjoying your time here so far. If you're looking for some general tribes to join let me suggest checking out http://snapzu.com/tribeindex for the most popular tribes.

    • Invaderzim

      Thank you! I'm browsing around trying to figure everything out... That index is awesome! Cheers!

  • Swanee

    Hello! I agree and the posting features make for some quality posts if fully utilized.

  • TheBeef

    So far this one seems to be the most professional (grown-up?) alternative.

    Plenty of people coming through temporarily for the JustSayNope campaign this weekend, but to be honest I feel like I might make it a permanent thing, myself.

  • scp440

    After a few weeks on snapzu youll realize how inbred and homoginized reddit is. Here on snaps we flow with real conversation and are truly tolerant of differing viewpoints. Give it some time and you will fall in love.

  • alot (edited 6 years ago)

    Yes, I disliked Voat because it didn't try to be more than Reddit. Sure, they don't shadowban there, and they are more liberal in what they allow, but this is not innate to the site and may well change in the future, especially if they become popular. With popularity comes attention, with attention comes expectations. Suddenly they need a lot of money to run the servers, it's financed by venture capitalists, and they get worried if there is bad press about a nudity scandal, and then there's a reform and suddenly NSFW (just to pick an example) is policed in a completely different way.

    Just saying that these things, what people appreciate Voat for, can be transitionary. They sure were with Reddit. And in that case, what in the world was won if moving there? Snapzu may also work differently in the future, who knows, but at least the foundation is better. It's clearly a better website. Reddit felt more streamlined than Digg. There were subreddits. Whole new concepts at the time. This feels like yet a next step. And if I move, I sure want to take steps in the process.

    PS. I'm actually a bit pleased over Voat's attention. It already seems to attract a kind of users I wouldn't like to be here. I definitely wouldn't like to have a mass exodus of people who like to shame "fat people" to this place. Many move to Voat for reasons I don't mind them moving there for at all. Voat's attention could end up making it this bloated site which ruined Reddit, while I hope Snapzu will ride the benefits of a tight knit community a bit better. At the same time, I of course want an active, large community discussing both mainstream and niche subject. It can really be a fine line to balance...

  • Arbituz

    Welcome! I felt the same way here my first day and rarely find myself on Reddit anymore. The last week has seen a huge increase in posts (Which are good quality) and user activity. If you have any questions about features don't be afraid to ask!

  • TripleDeke

    I too am a refugee, and of those communities I've looked at this one is by far the most enjoyable. Happy to have company.

  • kreamy

    I like it too! Such a clean design.

    What are your guys' thoughts on reputation though? I'm concerned it might make people cater to popular opinions, but I dunno.

    • scp440

      I dont think any of the features on snapzu will lead to that. Im more afraid of the reddit refugees taking over and making this reddit 2.0. But this is just my current though/opinion.

  • pseudopsynic

    Right there with ya, man!

    I that Voat was gonna be my new home... then I found this place.

  • imnotgoats

    It will really not take long to feel at home! I've been here around a week and it already does.

  • oystein

    The only thing Voat has that Snapzu hasn't, is a goat. I love goats and everything but I still think I'm going to stay passive over there.

  • babymeta1

    Hey welcome! I'm on the same boat as you. Was using Reddit, tried Voat, but now I'm permanently living here.