Beginner's Luck

I heard about SNAPZU for the first time today. Aaron Newcomb talked about it on This Week in Google. I am a swimmer so the first thing I did after registering was search on swimming. That search led me to a swim stroke - the fish - I had never heard of and cannot wait to get to the pool tomorrow to try out!

So... out of the box, SNAPZU wins!

Glad to be here.

5 years ago by susandennis with 6 comments

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  • Qukatt

    Nice! Do you swim competitively?

    There's a guy trying to set up a wild swimming tribe, dunno if you are interested in that sort of thing :)

    • susandennis

      Oh gosh no (on the competitively bit). But I do swim daily for at least an hour and love it. I found the wild swim tribe. I can at least follow the action :) So Thanks!!

    • MrY

      what is this wild swimming tribe?

      • Qukatt

        For finding and talking about areas you can swim in out in the world, safe river sections, secluded bays, flooded quarries, abandonned harbours and stuff :)

        The ones you look for are things where you can get in and out the water safely, where current and undertow are mild and stuff like that

  • papervoid

    I never learned how to swim. Now I know I can swim vicariously through Snapzu. Welcome!