Is there any interest for Snapzu meta games? (Description in the comments)

So yesterday, I posted an /t/asksnapzu thread where a commenter picks a superpower, and the next comment down gives it a condition. It was a fun little meta game that had excellent reception from the asksnapzu community. It was super fun to post and hear all of the witty ideas the players posting.

My question to you guys here in the lounge is do you want to play more games spiritually similar to that thread? I think there would be no point in just making a tribe that wouldn't have a community to cater.

If there's an interest, I will make a tribe for it.

Edit: The tribe has been created!

Join /t/metagames for some fun!

5 years ago by leetmoaf with 6 comments

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  • Zorgon

    I'm in. That thread was super fun to hang out in.

    • leetmoaf

      Cool cool. hopefully it can gain some traction. I'm thinking of a name for the tribe right now.