Hello Guys! IAma Reddit Immigrant. AMA!

Also can you lead me to the "/r/pcmasterrace" section of your sweet site? (tips fedora)

7 years ago by BunyaminBUTTON with 5 comments

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  • Kysol

    /t/pcmasterrace - If it doesn't exist, claim it and start a new tribe.

    On topic, if you were to be stuck playing one PC game (currently available) for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

    • BunyaminBUTTON (edited 7 years ago)

      That is a hard one! hmm.

      i would probably go with CS:GO or GTA V

      Since i am going to play it my whole life, it needs to be replayable. so waving goodbye to GTA. i would go with CS:GO

      • Kysol

        Personally I'd go with something like Civilization IV as there is a myriad of different ways you can play it. I'm yet to play GTAV but from what I can see, you could easily get lost in it if you wanted to just kick back and do something different. CS:GO... I haven't played CS since Steam came out.. I miss that game greatly, playing 1.3 in pool halls that had an internet cafe attached.

        • BunyaminBUTTON

          Civ V is an option too! I love that game. But it gets boring for a while after a win. Starting over feels like a chore after you were nuking the enemy capitals to the ground and hearing their screams for mercy :3.

          I need to get hungry for civ one again and that takes about a month or so.

          Gta V is a wild one you have pretty much everything you want in a game pretty good pretty detailed fun guaranteed.

          About the cs go part, you have to play it if you like the franchise!

          Lots of things changed since 1.3 and you can play 5v5 official competitive in it. you should give a try.