What happens to socks when we wash them?

Like seriously, there's gotta be sock trolls or something in my washing machine

6 years ago by Zorgon with 8 comments

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  • ClarkKent

    It has been proven that the dryer goes so fast during the cycle that two socks get merged together and become one. It only happens with socks because they are exactly the right size for this union to happen.

  • ortsac (edited 6 years ago)

    The age old question. I'm pretty sure washing machines sometimes function as a make-shift stargate, sending your socks anywhere in the universe except where they should be.

    • Zorgon

      Sending all sorts of interesting anthropologic finds for Dr. Jackson

  • BigPig (edited 6 years ago)

    Every time I buy socks, I buy either the exact same socks as I already have, or if I cant find them, I throw out all of my existing socks and replace them all with 3 or 4 packs of new ones. This saves me from ever having to find a matching sock.

    Also, check the trap in your dryer. The wifes clothes end up in there sometimes.

    • TheDylantula

      My problem isn't not having matches socks, but rather, having socks AT ALL

    • Splitfish

      I've always wanted to do this. But I like having both regular socks along with ankle socks.

  • leetmoaf

    I found all of my missing socks between the drum and the shell of the washing machine. Unfortunately I threw out their partners so I couldn't match them...