Hello fellow snappers, I'm Trippers and here's a little bit about myself!

Who am I?

Hello my name is Chris. I'm the type of guy to talk to anyone I meet in life. Whether you're my friend or a taco vendor, I'll most likely strike up a conversation

with you. I absolutely love music, particularly the post hardcore genre. I currently attend college and aspire to be a law enforcement officer for my locality. If I could have a farm full of animals, I would. I am fascinated by all biological and astronomical sciences. History is also one of my favorite fields of study especially anthropology. There is something really humbling about learning how far we've really come on this Earth. In a way, I am a renaissance man of useless information in random topics such as: oceanography, astronomy, physics, Roman/ Hellenic Greek culture, religion, electronics, airsoft, American history, ect. I enjoy lazier pursuits as well such as watching t.v. shows like Game of Thrones(Why Jon, why!?!). So far I'm loving Snapzu and hope it thrives into the awesome community I know it can become. So, will you tell me a little about yourself?

TL;DR: I like stuff. Do you like stuff?

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