What we miss from Reddit

I see lots of posts about what we didn't like about Reddit and why we have left or are currently boycotting it. Personally I would like to hear what you wish Snapzu would have that Reddit has.

For me, I loved the diversity. I liked being able to find a subreddit for any subject I was interested in and being able to find like minded people who had information on that subject or idea.

So what about you?

Edit: The other thing I would miss is a mobile app

6 years ago by deadion with 7 comments

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  • MadMonk

    A slightly better donation system. The fact reddit made it easy to donate monthly was nice.

    • deadion

      I haven't personally looked at how Snapzu does it, but I did donate once a year after about 3 years of lurking. I figured that the amount of time I spent reading forums made them deserve something from me. Now , however, I'm not sure how I feel.

      • MadMonk

        Snapzu does it through paypal, which makes it slightly more annoying to setup monthly donations, and makes me worry about their account getting locked. (Paypal has some ridiculous flags, and they are difficult to work with)

      • Kuro (edited 6 years ago)

        I'm in a similar situation myself. Donated once or twice a year while lurking most of the time. I'll have to take a look at how its done considering the amount of time I'll most likely spend here.

  • ColonBowel

    The mobile app is all I'm missing, but if the content is shit, then it doesn't matter.

  • dancesaway

    Didn't like reddit all that much. I do appreciate that there was a standard etiquette. Quoting text, and editing a word etc. Is it fair to bring all of that here? I'm already digging the impression I'm getting so far. I liked that reddit was a little easier to read. This is a beautiful looking site though.