Introducing /t/poeticvideos and /t/rhea!

/t/poeticvideos is my Snapzu alternative to /r/youtubehaiku. It's dedicated to the submission of videos and their only requirements are that they be 30 seconds or shorter and hold some sort of poetic value to them (Really funny, bizzare, stunning, have a twist ending, etc). I've gone ahead and migrated a few of my favorite posts from youtubehaiku for the sake of having SOME content already.

/t/rhea is a personal tribe that will be used to document and discuss my personal Unreal Engine video game project. Nothing there as of yet, but I have some stuff up on my wordpress in case you're interested to see where it's at in development right now: https://aaronniles.wordpress.com/

I hope to see you in one or both! :)

8 years ago by BOOMBOXNOTATOY

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