Snapzu seems pretty cool so far.

Hi there. Just a little first post to say hello to Snapzu. I'm a long time redditor hoping to find more focused discussion. Even the small subs over there are starting to fill my feed with things I really don't care about. I'm mostly interested in technology and the natural sciences. I don't contribute that frequently but when I do I try to leave well informed, useful comments.

5 years ago by WileyJohnson with 6 comments

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  • skeeva

    And it only gets better!

  • Csellite

    Welcome! You should check out /t/genetics It's been growing pretty fast. The level system is a lot of fun. All I want to do is level up and to level up you have to be active. It's like playing a video game for me! Anyways, enjoy your stay!

  • VoyagerXyX

    Enjoy your stay at Snapzu, this sounds like the place for you!

    • WileyJohnson

      Thank you. I've already come across some of your contributions and it does seem like I'm in the right place.

  • a7h13f

    Greetings and welcome! I'm pretty new here myself, but people here are very friendly, and there's lots to explore! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I am!