Anyone else here from reddit?

Well, hi. I just came from reddit, heard a lot of good things about Snapzu, and thus far no disappointment. So let's see how things go!

6 years ago by HrBingR with 5 comments

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  • 90boss

    I'm sure 80% of us here are from there. Welcome I'm 1000% sure you will enjoy your stay.

  • BigFoote

    I migrated over a few days ago. I've loved it here so far. No disappointment yet either! I'm a pretty avid mobile gamer, so I'll be seeing you around on your new tribe quite a bit.

  • Tavan

    I wasn't really looking to leave Reddit but wanted to have nosey at all these new sites people were linking. Snapzu just looks so nice on my phone compared to reddit.. I can see me using Snapzu alot more

  • utesred

    Anyone sets the bar pretty broadly, HrBingR. :P

    4 days ago, there was 10,000 invite requests in 18 hours. Blog Link

    Since then, there's been a TON more, I'm sure. I don't know of the official stats, but suffice it to say: There's a lot of people from reddit here. Welcome!